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Your journey to clearer, better vision

ZEISS holds more than 100 years of pioneering lens technology and its achievements speak for themselves. ZEISS is always bringing innovative ideas and technological expertise to create the best visual experience for you. Embark on this journey with our team who will guide you step-by-step in creating your unique eye portfolio and offering you lens options which are tailor-made to your needs. After all, seeing is believing.

ZEISS Vision Analysis

Your eyes are in good hands with ZEISS. A pioneer in the field of precision optics, ZEISS has developed a comprehensive vision analysis that draws on our extensive experience and gives us maximum insight into your needs:

Your Frame Selection

Thanks to the large selection of designs available, we’ll find the frames that work for you. 

  • Frames that either complement or alter your appearance
  • Frames designed for a specific function and made from the right materials to meet your needs

Your Lenses – Adjusted to Fit the Shape of Your Face

A precise result: every pair of glasses sits differently. We’ll measure the position with an accuracy of 1/100 mm to optimise the interaction between your eye and the lens.

Your Customised Lens Solutions

We’ll recommend the best ZEISS precision lenses. A large selection of ZEISS lens solutions are available that meet your particular vision needs.

Your Glasses – Ready for Collection

With the arrival of your new glasses, you’ll receive a valuable comprehensive package:

  • Better vision you can actually see.
  • Guaranteed brand quality.
  • The 12 months tolerance guarantee from ZEISS.

Your Visual Needs Analysis

Together we’ll discuss:

  • Your visual habits.
  • Your particular vision requirements.
  • What your new glasses should offer.

Your Precise Eye Map

ZEISS spectacle lenses, which are produced based on these measuring results, can significantly improve the quality of your vision:

  • Experience sharper vision at night and in twilight.
  • Enjoy significantly better contrast vision.
  • Colours appear more natural.

Your Eye Health Check

Keep track of your eye health with the ZEISS screening:

  • Anterior and posterior segments of the eyes are checked.
  • The function and performance of your eyes are documented.

Your Visual Performance Analysis

A clear result:

  • Customised lenses based on your exact prescription.
  • Clear vision in any situation.
  • Excellent 3D perception.

ZEISS Vision Center by Gaya Opticians.


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