Titanium usage in eyewear industry

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Why Titanium is being used in the eyewear industry and recommended as a choice?

Titanium is highly valued for its strength, toughness, low density and corrosion resistance, and has been highly sought after for applications in aerospace and high-end automotive applications. This fascinating metal has more recently caught on in the fashion eyewear industry.

Why titanium is becoming popular in eyewear industry?

The special combination of titanium’s unique colour and its other properties make it an excellent upgrade for discerning consumers with active lifestyles. Titanium wire frame material is best for holding thicker lenses. Another benefit of titanium for eyewear is that titanium is hypoallergenic, which means that it will not cause skin irritation.

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Types of titanium used in eyewear frames

Three types of titanium are widely used in eyewear frames; Commercially Pure, Beta, and Memory metal.

The first titanium eyewear frames introduced to the marketplace were made from commercially pure titanium and they encountered rapid acceptance and commercial success. Soon after, beta titanium and then memory metal followed.

Beta titanium is made of titanium and an addition of vanadium and aluminium for additional strength and toughness. This metal provides the frame great elasticity, allowing the eyeglasses to remain stable through long periods of intense activity. Beta titanium is strong, durable, lightweight, flexible, hypoallergenic and anti-corrosive.

Memory metal is an alloy composed of roughly 50% titanium and 50% nickel. It has amazing flexibility. Frames made from memory metal can be easily bent without breaking. They will return to their original form even after being bent far beyond what you would expect them to recover from.

titanium frames

Flexible titanium eyewear, whether made from pure titanium, beta titanium or memory metal, is a recent development in the eyeglass frame world, and has become popular among those with active lifestyles, especially children’s and athlete’s eyewear. It is useful for anybody who requires extreme lightweight frames.