The right frames for your face (Part 2)

choose the right glasses for your shape

How to choose the right frame for your face shape? Part 2

So, a little recap on how to determine which face shape you have in order to choose the frame that best suits your face:

  • Take a photo of yourself directly facing the camera and use a piece of tracing paper to outline the edge of your face to work out your face shape.
  • No camera? Then look in the mirror and with an erasable pen (or even some lipstick), trace the outline of your face on the mirror – whatever you do, just make sure you can wipe it off afterwards!

Heart face


  • Broader brow
  • Wide cheekbones
  • Narrow chin

What to look for in a frame:

  • Frames that contrast and not imitate your face shape
  • Do not choose aviators and semi rimmed glasses
  • Frames that are wider at the forehead
  • Details on the lower half
  • Light colours
  • Round or square frames
  • Rimless frames

glasses that fit heart faces

Square face


  • Face width and length are proportionate
  • A broad forehead
  • A strong jaw
  • Wide cheekbones
  • Square chin

What to look for in a frame:

  • Oval frames that are narrow in width
  • Frames that have more width than depth
  • Round frames
  • Up-swept frames
  • A darker upper rim and a lighter lower rim

glasses that fit square aces

Diamond face


  • Narrow jawline and forehead
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Chin narrower than forehead

What to look for in a frame:

  • Frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines
  • Rimless frames
  • Oval and cat-eye shapes
  • Semi-rimless frames
  • Avoid narrow frames that draw attention to narrow eye line

glasses that fit diamond faces