The advantages of Titanium frames

advantages of a titanium eyeframe

What are the advantages of a Titanium frame and why you should use one?

We have written a lot on titanium – its usage in all sectors and especially how it is used in the eyewear industry. Let’s focus on the advantages of frames made of titanium.

First of all, they are durable. Titanium resists breakage under normal use longer than any other frame material. These frames are surely not indestructible but people are attracted to the fact that titanium frames hold up over time.

Titanium frames are corrosion resistant. Spectacle wearers know that after time, with traditional metal frames oxidation occurs through exposure to oxygen and the presence of moisture which can ruin the appearance of the frame causing it to tarnish. Sometimes, Verdigris might appear near the nose pads or some other parts on the frames.

titanium glasses

Titanium frames are lighter in weight than frames made of conventional metals. Eyeglass wearers who have worn a heavy pair of spectacles, know that they can cause pressure on the bridge and the side of the nose leading to numerous problems such as simple redness to pressure spots and sores. The lightness of titanium frames lets the eyeglasses rest easily on the nose so they do not create irritating dimples or pressure marks. Hence, not only titanium frames are lighter but they are more comfortable to wear.

If you are allergic to nickel, titanium frames are the best choice for you. Titanium frames contain no nickel, which is why they are an excellent choice for those who have skin allergies. Titanium frames are hypoallergenic.

titanium frames

Titanium is called the fashion metal not only because watches and jewellery are made of it but because this metal can be easily coloured. If you believe that titanium frames come only in a grey colour, then you are mistaken. Titanium frames come in all spectrum of colours – from flashy red to black or pastel rose. Also, they come in all styles from full frames to rimless.

Titanium frames are ‘paper-thin’. Therefore, they appear more elegant and classy.

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