See The Music – The influence of music on eye-wear!

music and eyewear choice

How the music industry is influencing your choice of eyewear?

This week we are all in the mood to celebrate Music, with our friends, at school or to shake a leg with our local artists!

Ever asked yourself though, how your favourite music icons have influenced fashion and more specifically your choice of eyewear brand? Today we dedicate this article to some of those artists who made eye-wear; whether glasses or sunglasses trendy.

Musicians and singers have contributed to positioning eye-wear as an important fashion accessory. When you think of the following artists, what else comes to your mind besides their music? Their Eyewear!

John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles with his black sunglasses, Elton John with his red or blue tinged sunglasses, Jerry Garcia, Roy Orbison, Lady Gaga, Kanye West with his Shutter Shades, Bono with his blue/orange/purple tinged sunglasses, Stevie Wonder, Lisa Loeb, Michel Polnareff to name a few.

The Hip Hop culture brought the bling factor in eye-wear. It became a very important fashion and image statement. Over the years, many of those trendsetting Hip-Hoppers introduced their own eye-wear lines: Pharrell Williams- Billionaire Boys Club Eye-wear Collection, Rocca Wear with Jay Z teamed with Colours in optics, Serious Pimp by Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake with William Rast.

This paved the way for other pop stars to enter the market such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson to name a few.

There is even eye-wear made from Vinyl Records (Tipton and SpexWax). Some musicians such as Madonna and James Hetfield have partnered with eye-wear companies to make limited edition sunglasses. Some quirky features such as music notes, guitar pick, radio, piano and other musical instruments found their place on glasses worn by artists.

Also, let’s remember the use of phoropters in album covers. In 2013, Justin Timberlake used a phoropter (a machine used by optician’s for testing sight) in the album cover of ‘The 20/20 Experience’. During the same year, other artists such as Lady Gaga and Saga used phoropters on their album cover.

So, let’s celebrate the influence of music on eye-wear by paying us a visit! WE have over 65 brands to choose from.