Nomad: The frames which go well with your wanderlust nature (Part II)

nomad glasses

Gaya Opticians brings Nomad to you.

As mentioned last week in our 1st blog on Nomad, the name itself evokes faraway places, travelling and arouse your wanderlust nature. Nomad is a brand of frames that are inspired by fashionable and cosmopolitan places. The design and colours of each concept evoke one of the world’s ‘hip’ location. Nomad appeals to contemporary men and women looking for an original, unconventional and easy-to-wear product.

To know more about Nomad frames; especially their advantages and the other 3 collections, please read last week’s blog by clicking here.

This week, we will focus on other 3 of its collections; namely Long Beach, Chamonix and Sakura.

Long Beach: The Californian Attitude

Blue sky, fine summer days, joggers and roller-skaters and not forgetting the surfers on Malibu Beach! The California attitude inspired the Nomad designer to create this colourful masculine concept, named “Long Beach” in reference to its cosmopolitan image – original, hassle-free glasses!

The decoration on the temple is a stylized wave. The two-tone acetate layer is trimmed around the edges to give an impression of movement, revealing the second layer in the background. The fine line of contrasting colour closes off the material, creating a dynamic shape and highlighting the temple with a nod to the attractiveness of surfboard decorations.

To add a little touch of fun, the inside of the temple in some of the range picks up on a “Hawaiian beach-style” plant print in orange, electric blue, red, white and yellow amongst others colours. This colourful touch is visible when the temples are folded, but very discreet when the glasses are worn. The Nomad signature appears on the temple in a metal insert sunken into the acetate and the palm tree on the sleeve indicates the place that inspired the design.

The shapes offered in this concept are 3 high rectangular fronts in acetate, with a touch of vintage (keyhole bridge) and 3 stainless steel rimmed fronts in sizes from 53 to 55.

Long Beach – an original, non-conformist product for men who want, first and foremost, to be “themselves”.

Chamonix: Simple and Trendy

The need for simplicity and a touch of colour for a trendy look! The designer of Nomad created Chamonix by making pure lines and a nod to seventies-style vintage work together – the French touch!

This adaptation is a particularly successful one for this line of eyeglass frames for men. Its originality lies in its pared-down design; easy to wear fronts with bright touches of colour placed like snow-glass frames.

The bright, highly ’70s’ colours used for the lugs: Red, Dark (Klein) Blue, White, Pale (Anise) Green and Lemon Yellow add a touch of vintage. The integrated flex two-tone acetate temple has an imitation wood insert, a nod to the mountain lifestyle.

Chamonix is available with 4 acetate fronts, including a very trendy pilot shape, 4 metal-rimmed stainless steel fronts and a conventional groove, in a wide range of sizes (52 to 56).

In Black, Brown, Anthracite Grey and Taupe, NOMAD Chamonix is, more than ever, bound to attract non-conformist men who want, first and foremost, to be “themselves”.

Sakura: Colour Folding and Unfolding

Destination Nomad: “the land of the rising sun”, an up-to-the-minute look for this new female concept, all about unfolding contrasts.

The stern lines of the temples and the metallic colours take us into the manga or Zen sphere, dependent on the colour version. With a nod to origami, the differently-coloured folded component parts are screwed onto the body of a very fine temple, leaving room for volume and creating a contrasted colour space in the background.

An offer comprising 6 models for women, with geometrical lines and acetate or stainless steel rimmed fronts. Two colour ranges have been developed, two-tone style:

  • Zen-style, with fronts in dark shades of blue, chestnut or beige with temples in powdery pastel shades.
  • Manga-style, with burgundy, plum, indigo, purple and silver fronts fitted with temples in bright, electric metallic shades of fuchsia, blue, anise green and copper highlighting the temples and underlining the volume effect.

Colour, volume and geometry to bring life to your eyes – more than ever before. Sakura, an original, non-conformist product for women who are, first and foremost, “themselves”.

With Long Beach, Chamonix and Sakura, Nomad will appeal more to unconventional men and women respectively who are first and foremost “themselves”.

So all the unconventional women and men who are first and foremost “themselves”, rush to Gaya Opticians to check out these frames which will be an extension of your personality.