Nomad: The frames which go well with your wanderlust nature (Part I)

nomad glasses

Gaya Opticians brings Nomad to you.

Nomad – The name itself evokes faraway places, travelling and will incite your wanderlust nature. Nomad is a brand of frames that are inspired by fashionable and cosmopolitan places. The design and colours of each concept evoke one of the world’s ‘hip’ location. Nomad appeals to contemporary men and women looking for an original, unconventional and easy-to-wear product.

You might ask what are the advantages of the Nomad frames compared to other brands. Well, Nomad’s advantages are:

A contemporary, high-quality offer

  • Different and affordable
  • Handcrafted acetate
  • All models have a spring-hinge or flexible design combining style and comfort
  • A wide range of sizes from 49 to 58
  • Distinctive and brightly coloured “travel journal”

As mentioned, Nomad has named all its collection after hip location around the world. This week, we will focus on 3 of its collections; namely Cape Town, Jaipur and Milano.

Cape Town: Structure and Colour

The hot colours of Africa combined with mysterious tribal designs – this is the style that the Nomad brand designer has chosen to illustrate in this new concept named: Cape Town.

It has sober lines, contrasting shades and graphical use of colours using the play on light to bring life to the zebra-striped frames. The hand-cut acetate is trimmed around the eye to reveal a fine, brightly coloured line that stands out, a reminder of tribal makeup. The same concept applies to the brightly decorated stainless steel fronts, using sublimation to show the eye surround in a more discreet shade that is also found on the pared-down temple.

The colours offered include 24 references in exotic shades. The deeply structured, hassle-free acetates flash by in Indigo, South Sea Blue-green, Orange, Saffron, Violet, Streaky Brown, Amarante Red whilst the zebra pattern on the sleeve portrays the place that inspired the design.

Cape Town is available in 6 models: 3 acetate fronts and 3 stainless steel fronts, in a size range from 50 to 55. All of the models are designed for easy multi-focal assembly.

Milano: Chic and Colourful

Milan is a fashion and design capital, one of the most imaginative cities in Europe and a synonym for creativity, efficiency and progress. Its trendy, dynamic image has won it the title of “city of possibilities”.

With Milano, it was completely natural for the designer of Nomad to highlight fashion and Italian chic, playing on contrasting colours and materials in a particularly successful adaptation for this range of women’s eyewear frames.

The delicate shades and graphic effects achieved when cloudy acetates meet touches of bright colour produces a combination of sober, refined lines.

The coloured insert on the end-piece subtly attracts the eye: sea green, coral red, frosted chestnut, yellow in wonderful harmony with the deep sobriety of the materials used for the front, with the temples contributing the chic, trendy detail seen at the end of the temple.

Where colour is concerned, there are 24 product references in grey/deep purple, grey/teal, grey/raspberry or grey/orange acetate, with the metal frames adding sobriety and crisp colours.

Milano is available in 7 models, with 3 acetate and 4 metal fronts. Multi-focal lenses may be easily fitted into all of the frames.

Jaïpur: The Bohemian Look!

This Nomad concept is directly inspired by the bright and spicy colours of India, and more specifically the “pink city”: Jaipur. Colour variation is the foundation for this bohemian and trendy feminine concept.

Worked from triple-layer acetate, the simple lines are playfully combined with contrasting colours. The white base is worked to reveal graduated shades from bright to pastel reproducing the washed-out appearance of Indian fabrics.

Ten delicate combinations are available: olive green/lime green, cognac/orange, greeny blue/turquoise, purple/lavender, burgundy/ruby, etc. Jaïpur is the epitome of bohemian spirit with the softness of voluptuous shapes.

Jaïpur is also available in a stainless steel front version where the graduated shading is produced on an interior white base that reinforces the strength of the colour.

Available in a palette of bright, spicy tones – mustard, chocolate, fuchsia, cardinal red, coral, teal blue, lime green, purple – the product is still very easy to wear because of its graduated colouring. Available in a range of sizes from 51 to 56 and all models can be fitted with progressive lenses.

A playful reference to the destination: the simple and translucent inside of the temple is decorated with a lotus flower.

With Cape Town, Milano and Jaïpur, Nomad will appeal more than ever to unconventional women who are first and foremost “themselves”.

So all the unconventional women who are first and foremost “themselves”, rush to Gaya Opticians to check out these frames which will be an extension of your personality.

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