Lightec: The Emotional Technology

Gaya Opticians brings Lightec to you.

Lightec – As the name suggests, Lightec is a frame that is made by using the latest technology available for frame making and it is considered as one of the lightest frame.

Lightec is the ultimate in lightness and technology with a design that is both minimalist and distinctive for immediate and long-lasting wearing comfort. This affordable technology guarantees excellent stock rotation.

You might ask what are the advantages of the Lightec frames compared to other brands. Well, Lightec’s advantages are:

  • Immediate comfort
  • 100%stainless steel base for lightness and flexibility
  • An exclusive, patented and reliable spring-less and screw-less flex-hinge
  • All models are screw-free
  • A large sizes men’s offer up to 58

Design inspiration:
The high-tech world is an inexhaustible source of inspiration: materials, functionality, purity and lightness.

An optical and sun collection for men and women with the common denominator of technology dedicated to extreme comfort and purity: stainless steel, polyurethane rubber, aluminum and TR90.

The keywords for Lightec are technical, light and comfortable. Lightec’s design ensures that it appeals to men and women who are modern & trendy.

So all the men and women who are modern & trendy, rush to Gaya Opticians to check out these frames which will be an extension of your personality.