Handling your tween’s and teen’s eyesight

teen eye wear guide

The teen’s guide to glasses selection and eye care

It can be quite devastating for tweens or teens to be told that they need to wear glasses, especially if it is quite sudden. They are concerned about how glasses will affect their appearances; whether they will be made fun of at school, whether they will find frames that will fit them and how they will manage physical activities such as sports. Hence, many tweens and teens might not even consider wearing glasses just to remain ‘cool’.

However, there are so many solutions that even the ‘coolest’ tween and teen will find appealing.

teen cool glasses

Fashion eyewear: It has never been more fashionable to wear glasses than it is today – just take a look at movie stars, celebrities and models. Even our tweens and teens like to nurture their looks.

  • Reassure your child by asking him/her to seek out a look or a celebrity style he/she likes. We can recommend what shapes and materials are available for the lens while your teen can have fun with the colour and style.
  • Make it fun and encourage your tween or teen to be excited about their new purchase. If it is within your budget you may even want to consider purchasing a branded pair that he/she will proudly show to friends.

teen fashion glasses

Consider contacts: If your tween or teen is really not keen to wear glasses, look into contact lenses. Contact lenses are a great solution particularly for athletes because they provide safety and peace of mind that they will not break unlike glasses. However, you need to consider the following:

  • Is his or her prescription and eye health suitable for contact lenses? There are a number of conditions which prohibit contact lens use or require special lenses. At Gaya opticians, we will advise you on what options exist for your teen or tween.
  • Is he or she responsible enough to care properly for contact lenses? Improper care of contact lenses can cause irritation, infection and damage to the eyes. Your tween or teen must understand the risks and be responsible enough to follow the optometrist’s instructions when it comes to use and care.
  • Does he or she have any pre-existing conditions that would make contact lens wear uncomfortable? Individuals that have chronic eye conditions such as dry eyes, allergies or frequent infections may find contact use uncomfortable or irritating.

teen contact lenses

For most of you, your teen or tween will start school soon. This is the time to book an appointment for his/her vision test. Also, we would be able to advise you on the types of glasses and contact lenses available.