Sports vision skills that you can practice at home to enhance your performance

your vision and sports

Best Practices for Sports and Eye Protection Besides regular practice and following your coach’s advices, there are few other things which you can practice to enhance your performance. And one of them is your vision; more specifically your sports vision skills which we will list along with some tips that are important for you as […]

Glass or contact lenses wearer, do not let your eyewear prevent you from playing a sport.

sports eyewear selection

The Guide to Sports Eyewear. Glasses or Contact Lenses, which one to choose? Watching Michael Phelps win another gold effortlessly or Simone Biles doing those flips and take the gold at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio made me think about a non 20/20 vision person swimming or doing some gymnastics with his/her glasses or […]

Titanium usage in eyewear industry

titanium glasses

Why Titanium is being used in the eyewear industry and recommended as a choice? Titanium is highly valued for its strength, toughness, low density and corrosion resistance, and has been highly sought after for applications in aerospace and high-end automotive applications. This fascinating metal has more recently caught on in the fashion eyewear industry. Why […]

Titanium: What is this and where is it used?

what is titanium in glasses?

What is Titanium? What’s in a name, you might ask? But Titanium wears its name very well as it was named after the Titans of Greek mythology; “the incarnation of natural strength.” Originally named Gregorite, after the British chemist, Reverend William Gregor who discovered it in 1791, Titanium was independently discovered by the German chemist […]