Are you keeping your EYES warm this winter?

keep your eyes warm for winter

How to protect and keep your eyes warm for winter?

We are all keeping ourselves warm this winter but are we keeping our eyes warm? Do we know how to care for our eyes during winter? Here are a few tips to keep your beautiful eyes healthy.

Moisture is KEY

Dry winter air can cause eyes not to produce enough tears. This, in turn, causes the eyes to be more sensitive and dry leading to irritation. An easy way to prevent this dryness is to use re-wetting eye drops which you can buy at your pharmacy.

Another solution is using humidifiers in the house or your office. In this winter season, we like to keep our car warm but do you know that switching on the heater in the car and directing them to your face is like putting a hair dryer directly in front of your face. So, better redirecting your car heater to your feet rather than your face.

Wear sunglasses with UV protection

Even if the winter sun is not as harsh as in summer, it can still damage your eyes. The ultraviolet (UV) light is still as powerful as ever. So, it is good to continue wearing your sunglasses which block 99 to 100 percent of that UV light*.

eat carrots for your eyes

Regular eyeglasses do a better job of protecting your eyes from the cold winter winds and can even help hold heat and moisture close to the eyes. But if you have to wear contact lenses regularly, then use re-wetting drops to ensure that your eyes are moist.

Continue your water intake

During the winter, the body’s natural response is to not drink as much water as in summer. Dehydration can negatively affect the watery component in the eyes, so stay hydrated with water. If you have decreased your intake of plain water, do replace it by fluid-rich foods such as: soup, fruits and vegetables.

eating fish is good for your eyes as a source of omega 3

Eat some fish

Consuming Omega-3 acids helps ease inflammation and the tear fil in your eyes. So grill up some tuna or salmon, eat a shrimp salad, or take a fish oil supplement. It will increase the amount of tears in your tear duct glands.

The best solution is to pay a visit to your optician who will advise you on a proper sunglass, regular glasses and contact lenses and the appropriate moisturizing eye drop to purchase.